ERF Newsletter July 22 

Dear European Rangers,

We are back again – but who are "We"? Meet the European Executive Committee (EEC) and its helpers in our new newsletter. Not only us, but also many of our national ranger associations are reconnecting following the pandemic lockdowns via nationwide meetings or local gatherings. Reason for us to take stock: Where do Europe's rangers stand?; What issues are on your minds? Our new series provides some answers.

We also look at Ukraine where the war cruelly continues. What is the situation with the rangers there and how can we help them? We have a brief overview.

More encouraging are the preparations for our next European meeting, the European Ranger Congress in Albania which is finally going to happen after cancellations due to the pandemic! Find out the key facts below.

One issue that continues to preoccupy many of us is the fight against poaching and the conflicts associated with increased visitor numbers. In collaboration with Israel, we are planning a webinar series to help rangers to take action against poaching and we have an expert giving us some basic tips on conflict management. 

All of this is now possible due to the financial support of the Greenpeace Foundation. Learn more about this funding package below. 

Enjoy the read!

Urs Reif, President of ERF

5th European Ranger Congress

  • From 14th to 16th October
  • In Tirana, Albania
  • We will be guests of the Albanian National Parks Association
  • Please note: 
    All European Ranger Associations are invited to submit ideas and focal points for workshops on "Rangers & Biodiversity" by email to

Find further details about presentations and excursions here:

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German Rangers: a wide range of topics 

We started our series with the national ranger associations within Germany: At their first on-site-meeting the need for exchange was huge and topics ranged from issues such as conflict management to education for sustainable development.

Visitor rush: challenge and opportunity for conservation

Chloe Bradbrooke from CMA reports on behalf of UK rangers - how demanding lockdown was! Massive increases in visitor numbers with fewer staff to cope with demand, however, the rise in visitors also means higher awareness of the need for conservation.

Rangers in Ukraine: how they help and need help 

Ukrainian rangers are faced with multiple challenges. Nature reserves are being used as shelters for refugees and Rangers help them whenever possible. At the same time, however, they are struggling to take care of protected areas as well, which have been partly devastated by the war. Rangers are also fighting for their own survival!

Starting on WRD: anti-poaching webinars 

Joining all forces to prevent poaching - that's what our upcoming anti-poaching webinars are all about. Starting on World Ranger Day on 31 July, they will help rangers in the fight against poaching across Europe; to forge alliances and stay safe themselves. In our interview, Ilan Yeger, Head of Anti-Poaching at INPA, talks about the needs, challenges and huge opportunities to learn from each other on an international basis. Register via email and include your full name, ranger association and contact address:

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8 tips on conflict management

Dr Gertrud Hein is certain that there is an increasing potential for aggression against authorities such as rangers. She gives us tips on how to counter this.

The ERF team

Urs Reif

Our President, Urs, has worked as a Chief Ranger in the Black Forest National Park since 2014. He is committed to international cooperation & training projects for rangers and was involved in establishing the European Ranger Federation.

Ian Brooker

With more than 30 years of experience as a National Park Ranger in England and several years as the International Adviser for the ranger association CMA, our Vice President Ian, is focused on all aspects of the European Ranger Federation.

Michael Großmann

Michael, our training officer, is head of the ranger team from the Bavarian Forest National Park. For many years he has been pursuing fundraising opportunities and professional training for rangers all over Europe. 

João Correia

João works as Secretary for the Portuguese Ranger Association and is Treasurer of the ERF. He has taken part in many international ranger training events and congresses all over the world  as a representative of his association.

Artenisa Peculaj

Our Secretary Artenisa is an environmental biologist and works with the Albanian National Parks Association which strives for good management standards for protected areas in Albania through international exchange.

Maia Tsignadze

Maia formerly worked for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and founded the Georgian Ranger Association. Our Project Officer is committed to international projects including study tours.